Spencer Bohren - Seven Birds

Spencer Bohren - Seven Birds


According to persistent legend a truck carrying a load of green parrots turned over on the Interstate highway near New Orleans sometime in the late twentieth century and spilled its colorful cargo into the local mythology. Whether the story is true or not, there are green parrots all over town and they often congregate noisily in tall palm trees and on telephone and electric wires above the heads of the citizens. The song, Seven Birds, was inspired by the activities of these birds and their similarities to the activities of my son, Tucker, and his teenage friends during high school. Like the parrots who fly away one at a time, Tucker’s friends dispersed slowly as they grew into adults. There are eleven stories on this album, but this is the only one told from the perspective of a flock of birds.

Midnight Delta gives us a feeling for the sights and sounds of rural Mississippi. I’ve Been Delayed tells of longing and loneliness. The Party’s Over describes the liberation of a woman who has finally had enough of her old life, while I’m the One paints a picture of acceptance of a status quo that is far from perfect. What’s in Your Pocket takes us on a tour of one man’s personal, portable treasures; and Disappearing Nightly illuminates the life of a traveling musician. The thread that ties these songs together is nothing more or less than life itself.

On this album I take advantage of a pool of musician friends in Germany. Sini, Reinhard, Fred and Mutz bring fresh ideas to the studio; and it is a treat to create music with them. The two tracks recorded in New Orleans give me a chance to introduce the wonderfully impish Aurora Nealand, one of my all-time favorite musical cohorts. But, of course, no matter how much we enjoy making music, the circle is not complete until someone hears it. Thank you for listening!

Spencer Bohren
January 2015, New Orleans

Wright Brothers - First Flight

Wright Brothers - First Flight

The Write Brothers is the result of an idea for a good time that wouldn't go away. Simple beginnings. I wanted to hear Robert Earl Keen's “The Road Goes on Forever” and dug up the Highwaymen's version late one night (funny, later I would realize I was singing “the road never ends” in Spencer's song). Songwriters singing each other's songs: that's a good time.

Songwriters in New Orleans: There are plenty of great ones. I was just day-dreaming. But the next day I was reaching out to three friends who happen to be three of the best songwriters I know in my hometown. Soon, we were hanging out around the kitchen table, writing songs and lining up recording dates. It got fun quick. And it was over all too quick. I don't know if I've ever laughed as much making a record, or if we four will make another record. But, hey, the road never ends.

Happy listening!

Jim McCormick, New Orleans, 2014

Spencer Bohren – Guitar & Vocals
Jim McCormick – Guitar & Vocals
Alex McMurray – Guitar & Vocals
Paul Sanchez – Guitar & Vocals
Andre Bohren – Drums, Percussion, Keyboard
Dave Pomerleau – Acoustic Bass

Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers

Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers

Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers - The Age of Exploration

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This album contains explicit lyrics. Don't tell your momma you bought it. Or do. Maybe she'll love it.

Can you keep a secret? Spencer Bohren has taken to performing under an alias. On certain occasions he is Spike Danger in New Orleans’ latest sensation, Rory Danger & the Danger Dangers.

The title of their brand new album THE AGE of EXPLORATION, is a perfect analogy for Spencer’s involvement in this wilder-than-a-holiness-hayride of a band that is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Aurora Nealand, in her altered ego as rockabilly queen Rory Danger, leads the multi-faceted and immensely talented group on an unpredictable live musical adventure every few months, and etiquette requires every member to use an alias in case his or her mother happens to be in the audience.


  1. Discovery Begins
  2. Danger Danger
  3. One One One
  4. The Deckhand's Lament
  5. Shackleton's Diary
  6. Tongue Tied
  7. Teenage Exploration
  8. Primordial Living
  9. Call of the Wild
  10. Parlour Tricks
  11. Cirque Dangereux
  12. Guts, Glory, Gallantry
  13. Red on the Head
  14. Boxing Day
  15. World's Most Dangerous Museum
  16. Mt. Longstaff
  17. Mellow Waxophone
  18. Cat Man
  19. Hail Dangeria
  20. Five Hundred Miles
  21. Homeward Bound
  22. Danger Danger (reprise)
  23. Wayfaring Stranger