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Makin’ it Home to You

What’s the old saying…

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? The adage describes this album just about perfectly. A couple of gems from my long-ago repertoire are reimagined with the able assistance of my crackerjack band, the Whippersnappers. There are several new songs, some of which were being polished until the last take of the recording sessions. A couple were borrowed from friends. And blue? Well, some people say everything I sing is blue to some degree.


  1. Travelin’

  2. A Thousand Dusty Miles

  3. Lost Forever in Your Kiss

  4. I’ve Been Delivered

  5. Is Your Heater Hot Tonight

  6. In the Absence of the Sacred

  7. Thief in the Night

  8. Makin’ it Home to You

  9. The River’s Risin’

  10. Delia

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