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Spencer Bohren's Solitaire documents many of the most beloved songs from his concert repertoire in their acoustic form.

Though several of the tracks have been previously released, these versions are what the audience typically hears at a Spencer Bohren concert. All of the elements are here, from the deep delta bottleneck slide work of Been 'Round the World, to a chilling rendition of the original, Witch Doctor, performed on the supremely evocative lapsteel guitar.

Other original contributions include the ever-popular Born in a Biscayne, the lonesome ballad, In-Between Friends, and the jaunty Down the Road. Blind Willie McTell, The Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, Skip James and Charley Patton fill out the songlist.


  1. Down the Road

  2. Born in a Biscayne

  3. In-Between Friends

  4. Hard Time Killin’ Floor

  5. C’Mon Down

  6. Witch Doctor

  7. Broke Down Engine

  8. Been ‘Round the World

  9. Long Gone Lonesome Blues

  10. No Expectations

  11. Dirt Road Blues

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