Spencer Bohren & the Whippersnappers

Spencer Bohren is one of New Orleans’ favorite purveyors of American Roots Music. For the most part, he travels the globe as a soloist, performing his unique mix of blues, country, gospel, folk and original songs in concerts orchestrated with vintage guitars, banjos and lapsteels, and laced with tales gleaned from decades of international touring and his seventeen albums. With The Whippersnappers, Spencer shares his musical vision with his son, drummer Andre Bohren, and several musicians from Andre’s generation, including Dave Pomerleau, bassist for Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes, guitarist and songwriter Alex McMurray, and everybody’s jazz chanteuse of choice, Miss Aurora Nealand. The result is a blend of deep roots music with a fresh musical touch as The Whippersnappers interpret Spencer’s repertoire with a modern sensibility. Because every musician involved is busily pursuing a personal career, Spencer Bohren & the Whippersnappers performances are rare, but they always end with the audience standing!


Spencer Bohren
c/o Zephyr Artists
3033 Ponce de Leon
New Orleans, LA 70119
Office: 504-949-3033
Cell: 504-232-7650

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