Write Brothers

by Write Brothers

The Write Brothers is the result of an idea for a good time that wouldn't go away. Simple beginnings. I wanted to hear Robert Earl Keen's “The Road Goes on Forever” and dug up the Highwaymen's version late one night (funny, later I would realize I was singing “the road never ends” in Spencer's song). Songwriters singing each other's songs: that's a good time.

Songwriters in New Orleans: There are plenty of great ones. I was just day-dreaming. But the next day I was reaching out to three friends who happen to be three of the best songwriters I know in my hometown. Soon, we were hanging out around the kitchen table, writing songs and lining up recording dates. It got fun quick. And it was over all too quick. I don't know if I've ever laughed as much making a record, or if we four will make another record. But, hey, the road never ends.

Happy listening!

Jim McCormick, New Orleans, 2014

Spencer Bohren – Guitar & Vocals
Jim McCormick – Guitar & Vocals
Alex McMurray – Guitar & Vocals
Paul Sanchez – Guitar & Vocals
Andre Bohren – Drums, Percussion, Keyboard
Dave Pomerleau – Acoustic Bass