Snap Your Fingers (French release)

by Spencer Bohren

Culled from his first two albums, Snap Your Fingers became the vehicle which propelled Spencer Bohren into the hearts of French Roots Music enthusiasts. Released on the Loft label, it contains several of Spencer’s early compositions as well as selected classic and obscure blues and rhythm & blues songs.

The great Doctor John is a guest on four tracks, and the packaging is a whimsical recreation of a 50’s blues record. This disc was released on vinyl and compact disc in 1989, and is currently out of print, though an intrepid search could possibly yield a copy anywhere in Europe, or even one of the few hundred which were imported to the USA.



1) Born in a Biscayne

2) Drop Down Mama

3) Shoppin’ For Clothes

4) Darkness

5) Stone Pony Blues

6) In-Between Friends

7) Straight Eight

8) Come Back Corinna

9) Blues on the Ceiling

10) Midnight Delta

11) Down In Mississippi

12) Snap Your Fingers

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