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Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers -
The Age of Exploration

This album contains explicit lyrics. Don't tell your momma you bought it. Or do. Maybe she'll love it.

Can you keep a secret? Spencer Bohren has taken to performing under an alias. On certain occasions he is Spike Danger in New Orleans’ latest sensation, Rory Danger & the Danger Dangers.

The title of their brand new album THE AGE of EXPLORATION, is a perfect analogy for Spencer’s involvement in this wilder-than-a-holiness-hayride of a band that is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Aurora Nealand, in her altered ego as rockabilly queen Rory Danger, leads the multi-faceted and immensely talented group on an unpredictable live musical adventure every few months, and etiquette requires every member to use an alias in case his or her mother happens to be in the audience.


  1. Discovery Begins

  2. Danger Danger

  3. One One One

  4. The Deckhand's Lament

  5. Shackleton's Diary

  6. Tongue Tied

  7. Teenage Exploration

  8. Primordial Living

  9. Call of the Wild

  10. Parlour Tricks

  11. Cirque Dangereux

  12. Guts, Glory, Gallantry

  13. Red on the Head

  14. Boxing Day

  15. World's Most Dangerous Museum

  16. Mt. Longstaff

  17. Mellow Waxophone

  18. Cat Man

  19. Hail Dangeria

  20. Five Hundred Miles

  21. Homeward Bound

  22. Danger Danger (reprise)

  23. Wayfaring Stranger