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Down the Dirt Road Blues

Beginning with a melody carried in the heart of a man chained in the hold of a Sixteenth-Century slave ship, Down the Dirt Road Blues tells the story of one song's journey through American history and culture. Using era-appropriate instruments as accompaniment, the African melody travels from the cottonfields of Mississippi to urban Memphis, Tennessee, and on to the Appalachian mountains, the studios of Nashville, the genesis of the Rock 'n' Roll era, and the Folk Boom and English Invasion of the 1960s.

Performance of Down the Dirt Road Blues in schools, universities, and community concerts, both nationally and internationally, garnered Spencer the 2010 Keeping the Blues Alive award from the Blues Foundation in 2010.


  1. Africa

  2. Slavery Days

  3. Homemade Banjo

  4. Birth of the Blues

  5. Delta Slide

  6. Jug Band Music

  7. Take to the Hills

  8. Blue Yodel

  9. Back to the Delta

  10. Nashville Bound

  11. North to Chicago

  12. Urban Shuffle

  13. Rock and Roll

  14. English Invasion

  15. Folk Room

  16. Full Circle

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