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Blackwater Music

Blackwater Music lines out what has been on Spencer Bohren's mind lately: a good friend caught in the past, environmental irresponsibility in Louisiana and his home state of Wyoming, the passage of time, deep love. The usual parade of guitars, particularly highlighting the lap steel singing both sweetly and raucously, define this emotion-filled collection of all original songs. Son André Bohren is featured on drums, percussion, and gospel piano, with further assistance from a variety of New Orleans notables. All new songs by Spencer Bohren.


  1. Old Louisa’s Movin’ On

  2. Your Home is in My Heart

  3. It’s Gonna Take a Miracle

  4. Bad Luck Bone

  5. Has Anyone Seen Mattie?

  6. Borrowed Time

  7. Take Me to Rampart Street

  8. Blackwater Music

  9. Your Love

  10. The Old Homestead

  11. Listen to the Wind

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