Spencer at Cafe Istanbul December 18, 2019, for Oh Crap, It’s Christmas! Thanks to Tami Davis for the photo

Spencer at Cafe Istanbul December 18, 2019, for Oh Crap, It’s Christmas! Thanks to Tami Davis for the photo

Like so many in America, we are on the holiday countdown: finding the perfect gift, planning meals for a few days, sending out some Christmas cards. And like so many New Orleanians, we are also finishing up the holiday shows. Yes, Spencer still has cancer, but he has nevertheless filled the past week with music.

Many of you no doubt were at least aware of the Christmas show Spencer put on at the Snug Harbor for twenty years in a row. He would invite a dozen guests, maybe soloists or duos or maybe a small choir, to do a couple of songs with him in the course of a night. There were so many gems among these many shows and truly memorable moments. Corinna would come in on high heels to hover over her dad while she belted out “I’m a Woman,” and Andre would play his latest classical piano piece, so there were many family moments for us, as well. However, last year was our first year we did not do this show. This year Debbie Davis asked Spencer to sing in her holiday show, Oh Crap, It’s Christmas! She and Spencer reprised the duet, “Gift of the Magi,” followed by Spencer solo on lapsteel playing his version of “Silent Night.” Stellar!

The week continued with a few rehearsals and recording with Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers, culminating in a night at Tipitina’s. The tableau of the night was Moby Dickens, the Great White Whale, complete with gift-giving (rubber chicken anyone?) and a new song or two.

But that wasn’t all. The week ended with a recording session for Alex McMurray, with Spencer going toe-to-toe with Susan Cowsill on vocal parts.

Does this sound like someone who is ill? Contrary-wise! When Spencer fills his lungs to sing, his whole being becomes the song. When he slides around on the lapsteel, he is transported to a place of extreme beauty. For my money, these are the most healing moments of the week for Spencer Bohren.

So while touring is out for the moment, music is IN. There are a handful of geographically close shows in the next few months. Check it out at https://www.spencerbohren.com/schedule/

And here’s to a Happy New Year filled with peace, truth, and good health!