Photo by Glenn Lancaster

Photo by Glenn Lancaster

For 50 years now Spencer Bohren has been sharing his musical heart with friends and audiences throughout the world. And for 44 of those years I have shared that wild ride. Early on we discovered that we traveled well together as we spent nearly a year exploring the coasts of America, making a few bucks here and there to finance the adventure. It was a fortuitous journey, pushing Spencer into becoming a soloist and infecting us with a love of New Orleans. We shared further adventures as we began a family, which in turn nudged us into our seven year odyssey in the Airstream trailer pulled by our 1955 red and white Chevy Bel Air in order to keep our family strong.

All along Spencer and I have been a team, sharing the work of raising our family and keeping this musician moving forward. It has been a glorious life filled with challenges as we turned roadblocks into new opportunities. And now we have perhaps the biggest bump in the road: 

Spencer Bohren has cancer

As with everything else in his life, Spencer doesn’t just have cancer; he has stage IV prostate cancer that has metastasized to his bones. It is a big one, and It has our full attention, you can be sure. After several weeks of studying and talking with doctors, healers, survivors, and friends/family of survivors, we see our path to better health. Like everything else we do, we are both throwing ourselves into Spencer’s healing full time, and we realize that we need to take a year off from touring in order to give Spencer full advantage to overcome the cancer.

To facilitate such a move, we ask your kind indulgence to help us out by clicking here to contribute to his GoFundMe. Contributions will go directly to the expenses of healing, as well as covering our basic living expenses for the year dedicated to healing. 

Many thanks to all. We love you ~

Marilyn Bohren