Down in Mississippi (1986)

by Spencer Bohren

This 1986 release pays the debt owed by Spencer Bohren’s rootsy music to that deepest of American musical forms, the Delta Blues. Every song on the record was recorded in the stark traditional style, using just voice and guitar, and every song has some connection to the alluvial soil and legendary ambience of Mississippi.
This record is the reason that many people still insist on calling Spencer a “Delta Blues Master”, though in reality this music represents just one facet of his musical personality.

The album in its entirety is no longer available, but most of the tracks have been re-issued on the compilation disc entitled Vintage, on Zephyr Records.



1) Downtown Woman

2) Come Back Corinna

3) Stone Pony Blues

4) Down In Mississippi

5) Chain Gang

6) Hard Times/Killin’

7) Floor Blues

8) Cairo Blues

9) Hey Hey Daddy Blues

10) Darkness

11) Take It or Leave It

12) Catfish Blues

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