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Spencer Bohren – Artist


Spencer Bohren’s three-dimensional shadowbox assemblages have been called atmospheric, ceremonial, mysterious, spiritual, and magical. In fact, they are all of these things. Utilizing common objects encountered while traveling the globe as a musician, Spencer constructs mystical miniature worlds contained in small boxes that appear to be relics from some ancient or medieval culture. They are precisely made, and their collaged surfaces create layers of meaning that suggest our unsuspected proximity to the metaphysical world.

In conjunction with his musically oriented residencies, Spencer offers workshops detailing the philosophy and technique he implements in his artwork. The workshops can be tailored to any group or class, from art students or education majors to younger children or the general public. The materials needed are minimal, inexpensive, and easily available. The results are always satisfying to the participants.

An exhibition of Spencer’s shadowboxes can be arranged to run concurrently with his residency visit to further inspire and instruct students and enthusiasts.

Videos by Marc Oriol.

student artwork

Student artwork, Bozeman, MT.

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